We are a technological company that looking for the next trendy

product at the digital world.

Since 2007 we build websites for small medium business, we build products and services for the ad tech market, and we always looking for new products that can really help and service business.


The story feed at the social networks catch our attention. We know that users are looking for a fast and easy way to look at content, more fun, move forward fast.

Young generation users don’t have time and energy to move back and forward between pages at websites.

Like story, we wish to bring the fun to websites, expose content short and fast.

If we know what the user is interesting at, we can also expose him the relevant items and make the experience more fast and more fun.


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Back in 2018, with plenty of experience in the e-commerce and advertising space, we decided to change the way people discover products online.

The change the Story feed has brought to the social media space was significant; content consumption online became dominated by swipes, giffs, images, videos and the likes, we understood there is an opportunity to shift this native experience to online stores.  

Consumers want products to be shown quickly- they have no time to waste browsing between the online store pages, they want to see the most relevant products for them, quick enough before losing their attention to another store.

Shortease is a unique technology that helps e-commerce store owners to follow the latest trends in the online industry and increase their revenue.

Join us now and step forward into the future of e-commerce.